C2 - The Inner World Master

Having focused so long and so intensely on the beauty and mystery of the inner realms, you have become a master of them. Your first and second mind are more stable and alive than any of the others at your level. You have an insight and intuition unmatched when it comes to people, emotions, ideas, and relationships. You can work with these things easily and actively whether you are a senser, a shaper, or a source.

 Below you can find the light-side characteristics of the C2 archetype. The C-levels do not have a shadow-side expression.

General Description

  • Level: C, the highest expression of your path
  • Track: 2, exploring the inner world
  • Comes from: this is the progressed B2For B2M
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, moves to true mastery at D0 - The Master
  • What you seek exists, but only within.


It is difficult to find humans who have made it to the C-level of awareness. There are few who have and far fewer who have made it into the public eye. For now, we do not have an example.

As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A2f - The Dancer, A2m - The Professor, B2F, B2M, and the A0 - The Holy Child must continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

  • • Androgynous, both male and female
  • • Like all C level LPAs, you pay primary attention to fundamentals. Surface level things don't matter to you. Because of this awareness, your actions don't always make sense to the younger ones but are almost always correct
  • • The male and female paths merge here. Whichever you have followed, you become extremely successful at both. You embody the best of all five stages preceding this one as you work to encompass this one.
  • • You are a master of the inner realms
  • • Anything having to do with people, emotions, relationships, and ideas is astoundingly clear to you
  • • Your intuition in these areas is so clear that you are nearly always right
  • • Your ability to shape and affect them is legendary
  • • Your first and second mind are amazingly stable and alive
  • • You are a walking encyclopedia with huge numbers of relevant facts at your fingertips, though you tend to specialize in your chosen area
  • • You are dancers, active do-ers in the world, but only in service of exploration of the inner realms
  • • You may be a master of dance, art, poetry, music, crafting, martial arts, and other out world expressions of inner power and intensity
  • • Your focus is on emotions and mental patterns. You care less about physical and spirit level things
  • • You are very healthy
  • • Intensely private, you highly value your own space
  • • You may teach, write, demonstrate, etc, but only as an expression of your inner focus
  • • You are deeply connected to nature, animals, less so to people
  • • You still care about people but unless they share your intense deep-level devotion, you have less patience with them. And few can function at the level where you live
  • • Strongly aware of the underlying music, but more as reflected in your inner realms
  • • You are wise and deep beyond what most can imagine but you rarely show it.
  • • The quote "still waters run deep" applies to you.
  • • You are more like a fjord than a well, deep intense, but connected always to the large sea of consciousness
  • • You give precedence in all things to heart wisdom. Hafiz is a patron saint to you
  • • Your focus is inner so you can seem a bit changeable or unpredicatble to those who do not sense as deeply
  • • You are more aware of deep cycles than the B3f but you track them as reflected within
  • • You are more a monk or spiritual seeker than a spiritual teacher
  • • You are aware of deep order and deep chaos
  • • You channel them into inner harmony
  • • You really deeply "get" people, emotions, and relationships
  • • You have a powerful and fertile imagination
  • • You don't care about societal and such limits and refuse to be bound by them
  • • You seek always toward inner wholeness
  • • You are confused by those who don't care about these things
  • • You have no "dark side" having integrated all of your self
  • • Spirituality for you is all within. It guides everything you do, say, and think
  • • You are intensely passionate but no longer deeply sexual. The one exception is if you should find another at your level who can help you to explore deeper thru it
  • • You are intensely patient and understanding.
  • • Like all C level LPAs, you are completely heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All your decisions come from the heart.
  • • You have a clarity in your first mind that younger ones can't even imagine.
  • • Like all C level LPAs, you teach others as you learn.
  • • With your awareness being so much deeper, your lessons are not always comprehensible to the very young. You have more success with teaching those at the B level.

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