C1 - The Outer World Master

Having focused on the outer world from the A level (either the high priestess or the explorer) you have developed an astounding awareness and understanding of it. You have remarkable senses and intuition in the outer world and an amazing ability to work with it and within it, whether you are a senser, a shaper, or a source

 Below you can find the light-side characteristics of the C1 archetype. The C-levels do not have a shadow-side expression.

General Description

  • Level: C, the highest expression of your path
  • Track: 1, exploring the outer world
  • Comes from: this is the progressed B1For B1M
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, moves to true mastery at D0 - The Master
  • Let them fall behind. They'll be so fascinated, they'll want to catch up.


It is difficult to find humans who have made it to the C-level of awareness. There are few who have and far fewer who have made it into the public eye. For now, we do not have an example.

As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A1f - The Priestess, A1m - The Explorer, B1F, B1M, and the A0 - The Holy Child must continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

  • • Androgynous, both male and female
  • • Like all C level LPAs, you pay primary attention to fundamentals. Surface level things don't matter to you. Because of this awareness, your actions don't always make sense to the younger ones but are almost always correct
  • • The male and female paths merge here. Whichever you have followed, you become extremely successful at both. You embody the best of all five stages preceding this one as you work to encompass this one.
  • • You are amazing at sensing the deep structures within the outer world and at working with them
  • • You have a deep understanding and awareness of the outer world, the meta- and the weaving between them
  • • However you are not quite as competent with people, emotions, and relationships
  • • You have developed a "long focus" perceiving things in your world in terms of their cause and their future paths as well as their present
  • • You have an intense meta- focus and can easily apply that to things in the outer world
  • • You are not as patient with mental and emotional (inner world) things, but you are competent working with them
  • • You hold your world view with great clarity and deep devotion to your path
  • • You have a powerful imagination and thus a deep intuition
  • • You are not really a teacher, being mostly uninterested in teaching, but you are skilled and passionate in your path
  • • You easily and successfully encourage each one on their own path but rarely take the time to walk it with them
  • • When someone seeks your advice, you have remarkable clarity and insight which you are happy to share
  • • You shine brightly but seem a bit distant, cold, and intense to the very young
  • • You are not cold. Your intense passions burn at a level the young can't perceive
  • • You are more of a star (beautiful, distant, unchanging) that they can set their course by than a guide along their path
  • • You are constantly searching for deeper meaning and clearer awareness in your life
  • • You perceive more than most can imagine and easily weave it together
  • • You are easily in touch with the world mind and with others at your level
  • • You are as skilled at exploring and advising in the dream world as in the physical
  • • You can see deep inside people and things but are more interested in the patterns there than the people or things themselves
  • • Unfailingly self-confident and powerfully committed to your path
  • • You are a super-star at being calm and still and a dynamo of activity when you decide to act
  • • Deeply meditative, clearly focused
  • • You hear the music in all things and set your every step by it
  • • You encourage others to do the same tho few do it as well as you
  • • Powerful commitment to freedom
  • • Your conscious and unconscious minds have merged
  • • You are nearly always in an alpha or deeper state
  • • Very direct, you have zero tolerance for lies
  • • You seek to constantly expand your self
  • • You strive constantly to awaken and purify your energy body
  • • You appreciate human touch, sex, communication, interactions, etc only in service of your larger path
  • • Your awarness of patterns and cycles is better than the B3f. You move easily and freely within them
  • • Completely balanced and stable even in chaos
  • • You always seem young and vital
  • • You are immensely creative, and you express and explore this creativity in service of your path
  • • Your sense of your self, the outer world, and the infinite are no longer separate
  • • Intense concentration and focus in everything
  • • Astounding beauty
  • • Like all C level LPAs, you are completely heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All your decisions come from the heart.
  • • You have a clarity in your first mind that younger ones can't even imagine.
  • • Like all C level LPAs, you teach others as you learn.
  • • With your awarness being so much deeper, your lessons are not always comprehensible to the very young. You have more success with teaching those at the B level.

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