B3m - The Mover and Shaker

The coach was strong, confident, aware, loving... all the things one might expect of the perfect father or grandfather. The mover and shaker is that grown up. He is the ultimate CEO, the most successful of sports coaches, the leader of countries. He is strong, stable, confident, highly aware, intensely driven and powerfully successful. His drive and success extend into the meta- world and encompass the mental, emotional and social as readily as the physical. As a Track 3, his attention is focused on guiding, protecting, teaching and providing for the young. The structures he builds and runs are always aimed at these goals. At the B level he sees far more people as "young."

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the B3m archetype.

General Description

  • Level: B, developing and expressing your truest self
  • Track: 3, guiding and guarding others
  • Ideal Partner: his ideal partner is the B3f - The Teacher of Cycles
  • Comes from: this is the progressed A3m - The Coach
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, he moves to C3 - The Master Teacher
  • Example: The Dalai Lama, maybe
  • Quit waiting for permission! Get yourself started. Act!


Think of the Dalai Lama. While he is not completely light side, he does strive toward it. He is a spiritual leader, but also a political one, meeting with Mao, the UN and others and guiding the politics of his nation.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list and to be comfortable with all of the items in B3f - The Teacher of Cycles. As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A3f - The Earth Mother, A3m - The Coach and the A0 - The Holy Child must continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

Like all B level LPAs, he pays more attention to fundamentals than to the surface. Because of this awareness, his actions don't always make sense to the younger ones but are usually correct.

  • • Male
  • • Strong, both physically and inner strength
  • • He tends to be abundantly healthy
  • • Stable
  • • Naturally alpha-dominant and he knows it. He will tend to take charge of any situation
  • • Knowing it so deeply, he has no need to prove himself to anyone
  • • He has a strong sense of purpose, of direction
  • • Intense, he has a powerful inner drive that never truly relaxes
  • • He sees many sides of a thing
  • • He is rarely afraid, never angry.
  • • Comfortable using logic, he is still aware of the emotions beneath and the meta- above and capable of addressing all these levels
  • • He expresses them all in physical results however, and expects others to do the same
  • • While the all father (A3m) gave approval freely to all, the mover and shaker moves beyond that awareness to a place of deep honor for each one and their path
  • • He holds a healthy balance between focused/intense/driven and relaxed/trusting/yielding
  • • He has a "warrior" mindset. He is focused, goal-oriented, driven, brave, unyielding, and willing to fight for what matters to him.
  • • Though willing to stand and fight he is never agressive
  • • He is dedicated and has a singleness of purpose
  • • At the same time, he maintains a solid awareness of the larger
  • • He has a spirit-level awareness always and in all things
  • • He is highly motivated and a gifted motivator
  • • He is more a doer, a shower, a guide than a motivational speaker
  • • Constant, he doesn't change himself for his audience
  • • He is kind, but will gladly offend rather than yield when it matters
  • • He applies the same joy, passion, focus, love and intensity in matters small and large
  • • He sees beauty in all things, celebrates them, and teaches others to do so
  • • Deep understanding of emotions, interpersonal interactions and relationships
  • • He is artistic and creative, but not for their own sake
  • • He uses these things in support of his goals
  • • He is unphased by opposites and dualities
  • • He remembers many others lives and uses those memories to improve his path
  • • Loyal, nurturing, kind and supportive he shows all the IP characteristics of the zodiac cancer sign
  • • Completely honest, he never lies, not even in the smallest of things or to spare someone's feelings.
  • • Powerfully protective of those he claims as his "children"
  • • He recognizes his current position as a journey, a path to something more
  • • He is graceful in handling change but doesn't like it, preferring to build stable structures that provide safe environments of his "little ones" to grow and learn.
  • • Highly skilled at self-evaluation. He applies his complete honesty to himself also
  • • He expects respect, approval and affection from others and gets them
  • • He seeks to teach all these things to others, in an active way
  • • He is less a gardener and more a youth sports coach
  • • He is happy to "give in" and let people find their own path but he never surrenders when a thing matters
  • • He guides, but lets others make their own choices and their own mistakes
  • • He is tolerant of those mistakes and helps people fix them when they are ready
  • • More aware of the subtle realms he can act as a psychopomp and often does his work through dreams
  • • Growing awareness of and balance between the physical, emotional, mental, and subtle forces and realms
  • • He easily navigates between them
  • • He gets things done. His focus in on results
  • • Much more impressed by actions than words
  • • He listens to advice readily but makes his own choices.
  • • Patient with others, he neither seeks to own or to reject them

Like all B level LPAs, he is heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All his decisions come from the heart. Like all B level LPAs, he teaches others of his characteristics as he learns them.


Think of, possibly, the emperor in Star

The shadow side of this archetype can show any or all of the characteristics in the following list, any or all of those from A3m - The Coach and all of those from still out-of-balance A0 - The Holy Child.

  • • The worst of the male energies, dominant, abusive, controlling, violent, brutal, etc
  • • Can be physically strong, but weak of will and without inner power
  • • Will often have physical or mental problems, especially to do with being twisted, cramped up, curled inward
  • • Unbalanced, in everything he will have over-developed parts and others barely developed at all
  • • Will try to seize control and lead, but does it because he can't trust others. He is actually very submissive, insecure
  • • Constantly trying to push himself forward and prove himself to others (think of a "puffed up chest")
  • • Can be very aimless and unsure, although he will act highly competent and confident
  • • Afraid to engage both people and situations. Always tense
  • • Can see things only from the perspectives that are useful to him, will only see the opportunities he can exploit
  • • Feels deeply worthless, which leads to simmering anger that he turns on himself and others
  • • Very clever, head-smart, but his logic is not supported by his meta-intuition and can be easily derailed by his strong emotions
  • • Disturbed by the physical world
  • • Critisises and derides others' choices and paths
  • • Hot headed, fights all the wrong battles then gives in where he should be strong
  • • Willing to fight to get what he considers his, but will do so through backstabbing, poisoning, manipulation rather than honest confrontation
  • • Takes pleasure in being mean and cruel, can be very aggressive
  • • Lacking ideals, he will chase what makes him feel powerful rather than go for a goal he believes in
  • • Is not interested in a larger perspective as long as his needs are met
  • • Focusses on social approval, has no idea what real spirituality means
  • • Often confused in his expressions, but can be silver-tongued and very persuasive when it suits him
  • • Prefers to let others do things for him than to get (physically) busy himself
  • • Two-faced, deeply deceptive. Will change appearances as it suits him
  • • Coward, will avoid direct confrontations
  • • Has a few things he cares deeply about (power, status, money) and is dismissive about anything and everyone else
  • • Sees other's weaknesses easily and exploits them, prefers to hoard these secrets rather than teach them to others
  • • Can see patterns in people's behaviour and relationships, but does not understand their underlying emotions and motivations
  • • Can come up with brilliant plans when it suits him. However, he will not use this creativity to generate anything beautiful, healthy, or helpful to others
  • • Uses other people to get the things he craves
  • • Fears dualities, they make him feel unsafe as he needs to know what's coming
  • • Uses the information he ferretted out of other people, rather than a deeper insight and intuitive awareness
  • • Completely selfish, does not care about others unless they further his plans.
  • • May keep and use some very devoted followers. He will drop them like a brick when they are no longer useful or become a bother or a threat
  • • Hungry, never satisfied, always wants more
  • • Actually likes chaos, as it provides opportunities to confuse and manipulate. Is very chaotic inside himself as well
  • • Lies and flatters to get his way. Constantly lies to himself as well so he doesn't have to face his feelings of worthlessness and not-enough
  • • Needs approval and respect. More often than not, he gets fear or mockery instead
  • • Teaches others to expect a sharp tongue. Only gives approval to those from whom he has something to gain and will not mean it
  • • May let young followers play but only within his rules and comfort zone
  • • When angry or disappointed, can throw a tantrum like a 3 year old
  • • Prefers to watch and wait for people to fall or make mistakes, then either comes to the rescue like the hero, or robs them
  • • Uses people's mistakes for his own gain, only helps them if he gets something in return
  • • Very shut down, he has no access to the higher realms
  • • Finds one or two areas to specialise in and uses those to cover up his lack of competence in the rest
  • • His focus is on gain
  • • May have an interest in language, and may be sincerely impressed by others using it well. Gets scared and paranoid when he sees others be better than him, though
  • • Has trouble deciding and making up his mind, will take very long to plan before he acts and will doubt himself instantly when others disagree
  • • Impatient, discards people when they take too long to deliver

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he is terrified of the heart, attacks it, and seeks to destroy anything heart-centered.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he causes others to be more like himself, either intentionally or as a result of his out-of-control process.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he is caught up in the surface, only rarely noticing the fundamentals.

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