B2m - The Wise Observer

The professor (A2m) was a scholar. He gathered, organized and presented information. The wise observer takes this same attitude to a much deeper level. He strives to watch, listen, feel, wait, study, analyze and interpret from a vastly expanded awareness. As a Track 2, he is focused on his exploration of the inner self. However his attention has expanded to include a deep awareness of others.

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the B2m archetype.

General Description

  • Level: B, developing and expressing your truest self
  • Track: 2, exploring the inner world
  • Ideal Partner: his ideal partner is the B2f - The Inner Expert
  • Comes from: this is the progressed A2m - The Professor
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, he moves to C2 - The Inner World Master
  • Example: possibly Ghandi
  • It's more important to understand than to act.


Think of Gandhi, who was not focused on leading rebellions or changing the world by doing, but by really observing and living his beliefs.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list and to be comfortable with all of the items in B2f - The Inner Expert. As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A2f - The Dancer, A2m - The Professor and the A0 - The Holy Child must continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

Like all B level LPAs, he pays more attention to fundamentals than to the surface. Because of this awareness, his actions don't always make sense to the younger ones but are usually correct.

  • • Male
  • • He is gentle, calm, and extremely stable
  • • He is extremely patient, cautious
  • • While not proud, he is highly self-confident
  • • He waits for insight, comprehension
  • • He waits, surrendering to higher wisdom, being patient until it arrives
  • • He holds his mind like a trap, ready to snap up even the most subtle things
  • • Finding them, he holds and studies them until he undestands them
  • • He is slow to act or even to speak, carefully consideing eveything before he says it
  • • He is comfortable with opposites, unbothered by seeming contradictions
  • • He is always open to new ideas and points of view
  • • He is deeply aware of the spiritual
  • • He seeks to understand it better through his study of himself, of others, of emotions, and of relationships.
  • • Increasingly he senses himself as part of a much larger "cosmic self"
  • • He watches, studies, analyzes, comprehends at a very deep level
  • • He seeks patterns and flows, striving to understand
  • • He sees many points of view and seeks to realize more
  • • As such he is very good at "re-framing," changing the way people see things and trying to find alternative ways of viewing ideas, events and situations
  • • While he notices and understand much her rarely shares his perceptions
  • • He is an observer, not a do-er
  • • He thinks at a level much deeper than most can grasp
  • • He teaches awareness and perspective
  • • He is an amazing teacher but the student must be very patient and wait until he is ready to speak.
  • • He teaches others to look inward and find the truths hidden there
  • • To seek inner awareness

Like all B level LPAs, he is heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All his decisions come from the heart. Like all B level LPAs, he teaches others of his characteristics as he learns them.


Think of, possibly Confucius. He was a famous Chinese philosopher and many people still respect "Confucianism." However, it is generally a narrow-minded, rigid, excessively legal and moralistic path. Confucius had thousands of rule written down about exactly how to drink tea, eat a meal, stand, walk, breathe, and so on. (This example could be better.)

The shadow side of this archetype can show any or all of the characteristics in the following list, any or all of those from A2m - The Professor and all of those from still out-of-balance A0 - The Holy Child.

  • • The worst of the male energies, dominant, abusive, controlling, violent, brutal, etc
  • • Cruel, neurotic, explosive
  • • Very impatient, always wants to jump in
  • • May look confident, but is constantly evaluating and second guessing himself
  • • Jumps to conclusions
  • • Always wants to act, especially when unsure. Gets panicked and frustrated if he lacks clarity or has to wait
  • • Deeply insecure and thus arrogant, his arrogance interferes with everything he tries to accomplish
  • • Is so busy trying to be in control of everything that he completely misses what is the most relevant in his life
  • • When he finds something "wrong", he will try to fix it without understanding of what is appropriate or needed
  • • Loves to talk and discuss and explain, but does so without integrity or deeper awareness. When quiet, has a constant running monologue in his head
  • • Puts ideas and people in boxes and cannot handle anything that doesn't fit in his boxes
  • • Thinks rigidly, will insist on believing something he already knows even when faced with opposing evidence
  • • Is afraid of the spiritual because his mind cannot understand it
  • • Seeks to shut down spirituality in other people, instead tries to force them to conform to his ideas and fit inside his boxes.
  • • Feels increasingly isolated and disconnected and takes it out on other people, blaming them for how he feels
  • • Studies a lot and highly values knowledge and understanding, but does so on a very surface level. Often completely fails to connect related observations and so always lacks clarity
  • • He seeks structures, laws and rules, trying to simplify his world and make it "fit" his ideas
  • • He has a narrow mind and thus narrow vision
  • • He has trouble understanding others as it means holding more than one view at the same time and allowing other views than his own
  • • Wants to change how people see things, but does so through limiting them, ridiculing their perceptions and promoting his own opinions
  • • Wants to be respected for his knowledge and expertise and so uses every chance to point out to others what he knows
  • • Wants to be a do-er and may be busy, but does not accomplish or succeed
  • • Because of his narrow perceptions, his thinking and understanding is either superficial or totally mistaken. Tends to "go off on a tangent"
  • • Critical and judgemental of other people and ideas and eager to share this
  • • Quick and rash in his teaching, shares without consideration of what a student needs or what they can understand. Impatient
  • • He teaches rigid structures and doesn't allow other viewpoints
  • • Focuses his attention on the outside world rather than himself

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he is terrified of the heart, attacks it, and seeks to destroy anything heart-centered.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he causes others to be more like himself, either intentionally or as a result of his out-of-control process.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he is caught up in the surface, only rarely noticing the fundamentals.

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