B1m - The Expert

The explorer was interested only in going, doing, experiencing, and learning through those experiences. The expert takes all of his earlier learning and combines it with growing awareness and intuition to create completely new ideas, things, activities and paths. He tends to focus on a single area of expression and to show great expertise in his area. As a Track 1, he focuses his expertise on his interactions with others and the outer world.

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the B1m archetype.

General Description

  • Level: B, developing and expressing your truest self
  • Track: 1, exploring the outer world
  • Ideal Partner: his ideal partner is the B1f - The Wise Leader
  • Comes from: this is the progressed A1m - The Explorer
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, he moves to C1 - The Outer World Master
  • Example: Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer
  • Learn from your past, so you can act rightly in the present.


Think of Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer. If you don't know him, watch any episode of his TV series and study it at a meta- level. Obi-wan, the teacher in Karate Kid and the teacher in Way of the Peaceful Warrior are also examples.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list and to be comfortable with all of the items in B1f - The Wise Leader. As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A1m - The Explorer, A1f - The Priestess and the A0 - The Holy Child must continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

Like all B level LPAs, he pays more attention to fundamentals than to the surface. Because of this awareness, his actions don't always make sense to the younger ones but are usually correct.

  • • Male
  • • He has acquired much knowledge from his time as the explorer
  • • That knowledge tends to be practical, "real-world" information, not theoretical "book knowledge"
  • • He is very grounded in the physical
  • • He acknowledges that the meta-, the spiritual is more important than the physical but feels it can only be developed and expressed through the physical
  • • Feels that awareness and "being present" are some of the most fundamental parts of life and strongly pushes others toward these things.
  • • Deeply aware that there is a "proper time" for each action
  • • He is a do-er, opposing restrictions and pointless waiting.
  • • "Now is the only time you can act."
  • • Mature, stable
  • • Light-hearted, fun, and spontaneous, but always focused when it comes to his field.
  • • Highly adaptable
  • • Physically healthy
  • • Energetic
  • • Charismatic
  • • Excellent communicator, his experiences have helped him to explain things to people at any level and in any situation
  • • He is skilled at working with emotions and relationships but doesn't care to be controlled by them. His passion and focus always come first.
  • • He explores the spiritual through the lens of his physical world experiences.
  • • He expresses the spirit through his actions in the physical world.
  • • The two are intrinsically linked for him
  • • By integrating these two extremes, he is beginning to sense that his "self" is part of something much larger.
  • • Perceives "guidance" from the meta- readily and acts in accordance with it.
  • • He combines this guidance with his experience to act powerfully and well in each moment.
  • • Strives toward an idea of "purity" that is clear to him though it may not make sense to younger ones.
  • • His passion and intensity are a purifying fire, burning away everything that isn't relevant or interesting to him.
  • • Thus is is highly disciplined, focused. He has amazing self-control, allowing him to manage things normal humans could not
  • • He combines seemingly strange or unrelated things based on fundamentals and deep structures to come up with amazing new ideas, tools, experiences, etc
  • • This makes him highly skilled in his chosen field
  • • The expert is a better cook, computer programmer, cabinet maker, or whatever than any of the other LPAs
  • • His interest is always in physical world results
  • • His focus is either on making things (in his field) or in developing himself so he is better at making things.
  • • He balances his awareness and his efforts in the inner and outer worlds.
  • • His conscious and unconscious mind are in balance. They communicate and interact easily and well.
  • • Thus he is good at SCANning, dream work, and other meta- skills

Like all B level LPAs, he is heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All his decisions come from the heart. Like all B level LPAs, he teaches others of his characteristics as he learns them.


Think of Hitler, Stalin, or the Roman Catholic church through the dark ages and the inquisition.

The shadow side of this archetype can show any or all of the characteristics in the following list, any or all of those from A1m - The Explorer and all of those from still out-of-balance A0 - The Holy Child.

  • • The worst of the male energies, dominant, abusive, controlling, violent, brutal, etc
  • • He has lots of ideas but few based on personal experience or real understanding
  • • His knowledge is borrowed from others and often inconsistent
  • • He believes his expertise is absolutely correct, though, and won't hear argument. He is convinced he is an expert and will intimidate, abuse, torture or even kill to enforce his views.
  • • He requires rigid adherence to these ideas by all under his control.
  • • He prefers to be feared rather than respected and enjoys doing horrible things to increase that fear.
  • • He can be quite skilled at appearing kind, innocent or even noble. His devout followers will refuse to believe he is not these things.
  • • He is almost always paranoid. In a position of power, he will have a corps of watchers, spies, and secret police types to violently root out the plots he assumes are being raised against him.
  • • Despises or dismisses anything physical (food, touch, sex), or seeks to rigidly control its expression. (i.e. Hitler was a vegetarian who despised smoking, drinking, and drugs.)
  • • Is often cruel in expressions of physical things. His regime will include torture, violent physical punishment, starvation, and so on.
  • • Is very violent and abusive in sexual things. (ie Hitler is said to have had six lovers. Two of those committed suicide and two others attempted it.)
  • • Disconnected from his body, he sees a very limited (physical world) expression of what he calls "logical" or "spiritual" ideas to focus on
  • • Any true spirituality scares him, so he attacks and seeks to destroy it
  • • Keeps a distance, and sometimes completely withdraws from the world
  • • Arrogant and deeply insecure, thinks he is "too good" for normal social interaction and uses other people only to give himself value
  • • He is chaotic and careless or intensely controlled and meticulous, unpredictably
  • • Feeling himself above all others and being chaotic, he tends to engage in torture, violence, systematic abuse and many forms of personal and societal cruelty.
  • • Unaware of appropriate time, he is either very slow to act or he acts hastily without thinking
  • • Hesitant, tentative, scatterbrained or thoughtlessly storming forward
  • • Ultimately very childish, he hides this by acting excessively strong, controlling and abusive to others
  • • Dependent, needs lots of help but will not admit it
  • • He surrounds himself with sycophants to tell him how amazing he is
  • • He gives himself many titles and wears medals and symbols to show his "value" to others
  • • Serious, stern, intimidatingly severe
  • • He cannot laugh except in cruelty
  • • Sees only one way and will stick to it even when it doesn't work. Gets scared and neurotic if forced to change
  • • He preaches physical strength and requires it in others, but is often physically weak, awkward and/or clumsy
  • • He is weak, lazy, and passive, or intensely driven. He has no control over which of these will express at any moment.
  • • To those who are more aware, he has an aura of "evil" or wrongness about him, but to most he can be extremely charismatic.
  • • He is a skilled deceiver, wearing an outward face very different from what his inner circle sees.
  • • Often a skilled orator, his speeches are beautiful but have little substance.
  • • He has no understanding of kindness or of deep motivations
  • • His efforts are always aimed at the most primitive of human emotions
  • • Petty and self-focused, he gets angry when people don't listen to him
  • • Dismissive of close relationships and emotions but ruled by them
  • • He fears deep spirituality as cannot control it
  • • Instead of exploring the spiritual, he will latch on to cult ideas and hold them with religious fervor or deny any spirituality and seek to destroy all expression of it
  • • If he has an idea of the spiritual, he will use it only as a way to control and bully others
  • • Disconnected from the physical, spiritual and social, he feels small and alone
  • • He acts agressivly in the outer world to appear strong and popular
  • • He has no intuition, instead being controlled by his own inner chaos and his rigid ideas
  • • Pursues interests with an obsessive drive, then drops them seemingly at random
  • • Strives for control and dominance of others, at any cost
  • • He has a need to control others, yet has little control over himself and his deepest drives therefore can be easily distracted for those who know his buttons.
  • • His interest is in physical world results. He seeks to be admired, the greatest, seen as the expert by others
  • • He is rigid and unimaginative in his approaches, and can only see his own limited views.
  • • He may generate new ideas and methods, but they are based on a surface understanding of the matter
  • • He will look skilled and impressive to common people, but the more aware will pereive his lack of any deeper understanding
  • • His focus is on presentation of himself and his power rather than creation of something new
  • • Is completely unaware of his inner world, and terrified of it when it comes out in dreams, strong emotions, etc
  • • His subconscious mind runs his life, but he is not aware of this
  • • Because of his narrow focus on his own views and his inability to change, he can be very unaware
  • • His decisions are motivated by fear, insecurity and a need to be respected
  • • Since he lacks deeper understanding, he prefers to teach his rhetoric to the young and impressionable

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he is terrified of the heart, attacks it, and seeks to destroy anything heart-centered.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he causes others to be more like himself, either intentionally or as a result of his out-of-control process.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, he is caught up in the surface, only rarely noticing the fundamentals.

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