B1f - The Wise Leader

The high priestess was an acolytes, a believer, following an ideal. Her devotion has led her to awareness, strength, calm, gentleness and the beginnings of wisdom. The wise leader takes all that the high priestess has encompassed and uses it to teach and lead others. As a Track 1, she focuses her study, her judgements, and her leadership in her interactions with others and the outer world.

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the B1f archetype.

General Description

  • Level: B, developing and expressing your truest self
  • Track: 1, exploring the outer world
  • Ideal Partner: her ideal partner is the B1M
  • Comes from: this is the progressed A1f - The Priestess
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, she moves to C1 - The Outer World Master
  • Example: Mother Teresa, maybe
  • Pay attention, choose wisely, act decisively.


Think of Mother Teresa. She was a believer in her religion and turned that belief outward to lead others in caring for the helpless around the world.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list and to be comfortable with all of the items in B1M. As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A1f - The Priestess, A1m - The Explorer and the A0 - The Holy Child must continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

Like all B level LPAs, she pays more attention to fundamentals than to the surface. Because of this awareness, her actions don't always make sense to the younger ones but are usually correct.

  • • Female
  • A1f - The Priestesssaw mostly black and white. B1f is wiser. She perceives many shades of grey, much subtlety.
  • • Maintains the strong sense of ideals of the A1f, and adds wisdom and experience
  • • She lives her beliefs, expressing them in every word and action
  • • Relaxed, calm, stable
  • • Kind, gentle, patient, accepting, aware
  • • She enjoys sharing her perspective with others, teaching.
  • • She is very skilled with words
  • • An excellent listener
  • • She is comfortable with feelings but prefers thinking to feeling
  • • Cautious, she looks at all sides of a thing before acting, avoiding mistakes from being hasty or acting in anger.
  • • Honest, her entire life is based in her integrity
  • • Strong moral compass
  • • She is selfless and actively opposes any who act from greed or selfishness
  • • Highly capable, responsible, self-confident
  • • She perceives how her choices and actions have led her to where she is and she takes responsibility for her own life.
  • • She holds a high standard for herself and others.
  • • When they fall short, she's quick to forgive, but doesn't excuse, insisting that everyone "own" their own life, take responsibility for their actions.
  • • She evaluates everyone, but doesn't judge. She honors each person's path and respects their decisions.
  • • She is impressed by acts, by results, by change, not by words
  • • A1f guided others to her truth. B1f helps guide others to their own truth, to personal power.
  • • Not driven to act or to argue, she can sit and ponder until a thing SCANs clearly before acting.
  • • Highly aware, she is a clear thinker
  • • She sees ahead clearly and communicates that. "If you do this, that will follow."
  • • Highly skilled at truth-sensing
  • • Excellent at scanning things related to the outer world.
  • • She can see all sides of an issue
  • • Good at perception, evaluation, and decision
  • • Very skilled at resolving disputes
  • • She teaches that no one is a victim. "Study, perceive, understand and use your experiences, however painful, to grow and uncover your own truth and to chart your own path."
  • • She pushes herself and others toward change, transformation, balance, stability, growth, and self-discovery
  • • She extends the purity of her ideas/beliefs/morals down into the physical world by actions and up into the spiritual
  • • She brings the energy of the spirit world through her awareness into her physical world decisions.
  • • She studies her physical world experiences and uses them to understand, interpret, and explain the spirit
  • • She finds the balance between extremes (physical & spirit, male & female, love & loss, joy & sorrow, ...)
  • • Likes simple solutions and opposes convolution or obfuscation
  • • As B3Flikes circles, she prefers straight lines

Like all B level LPAs, she is heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All her decisions come from the heart. Like all B level LPAs, she teaches others of her characteristics as she learns them.


Think of Bloody Mary, the first queen of England or the wife of Mao Tse-tung, Jiang Qing.

The shadow side of this archetype can show any or all of the characteristics in the following list, any or all of those from A1f - The Priestessand all of those from still out-of-balance A0 - The Holy Child.

  • • The dark female, she manipulates, deceives, cuts others down, etc., but holds a beautiful outward mask as she does it.
  • • This is the cruelest of the "beautiful, mean girls" from high school, all grown up
  • • She is probably running a drug cartel, a human slavery ring, or working at a high level in politics.
  • • She cannot see grey areas, perceiving things as only black or white
  • • "If you're not with me, you're against me" thinking
  • • A terrible listener, she rarely hears what's said. All that she sees or hears is filtered through the perspectives of her inner demons
  • • Her perceptions are muddled by what she wants to believe
  • • She tries to "have ears everywhere," spies who feed her information and keep everyone afraid
  • • Has become polarised, a fanatic who can only see her own ideas as right
  • • She expresses iron-clad ideas others must follow and claims to believe them
  • • She will punish even minor infractions in often extreme ways
  • • Frightened of change and transformation, she works to keep her beliefs and expressions rigid and attempts to enforce ridigity on others
  • • She doesn't follow her own rules, but does whatever her out-of-control self drives her to
  • • She justifies her actions in any way she can or simply strikes out at those who question her
  • • Always afraid, insecure, she acts agressively and does all she can to look confident
  • • Her insecurity makes her tightly self-controlled until the inner violence burst out.
  • • She is almost always violent, a wake of blood follows her
  • • She is skilled with words and uses them to manipulate, divide, and conquer
  • • Insecure, she may hold off on decisions indefinitely, leave it up to others, or act rashly and excessively
  • • Blames others when something does not work out
  • • Always evaluating others, she finds flaws in everyone and judges them
  • • Claiming to be logical, she is completely enslaved by feelings she has no awareness of nor control over
  • • Therefore can be very unpredictable
  • • Can be completely taken by surprise by life events, does not see them coming, then responds with anger and lashing out at others
  • • Enjoys forcing her perspective on people
  • • Believes that the ends justify the means, as long as it is her "ends"
  • • She can hold a bitter grudge for a lifetime and will give up almost anything to "get even"
  • • Blind, unaware, mindlessly pushing forward
  • • Takes pleasure in misleading others, steering them off their path, and keeping them weak, poor, hungry, exhausted
  • • Teaches that people deserve their pain
  • • Meddles in the lives of others, but often aimlessly, without direction other than her own insecurity
  • • Polarises, takes a stand and pushes the rest into an opposing camp
  • • Enjoys conflict
  • • Denies the existance of anything spiritual
  • • If she speaks of the "spiritual world" it is only as a tool to control others
  • • Not very smart, she is easily confused and uses violence to simplify the matter and gain advantage
  • • Likes specific symbolism

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, she is terrified of the heart, attacks it, and seeks to destroy anything heart-centered.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, she causes others to be more like herself, either intentionally or as a result of her out-of-control process.

Like all shadow-side B level LPAs, she is caught up in the surface, only rarely noticing the fundamentals.

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