D0 - The Master

Having encompassed all of the lessons from the A, B, and C levels along your path, you reach a state of true mastery. This is the ultimate level that humans can reach. There is no "beyond this" while wearing a human form. This stage is complete self-realization, nirvana, samadhi, ... The master has explored all of the experiences this world has to offer and found peace and harmony with them. Everything known is realized as a tiny part of a much larger whole.

 Below you can find the light-side characteristics of the D0 archetype. Like the C-level, the D-level does not have a shadow-side expression.

General Description

  • Track: all tracks eventually arrive here
  • Comes from: this is the progressed C1, C2, or C3
  • Leads to: itself. This is the highest level of awakening for a human being
  • Example: none
  • It's all one.


As you explore and grow in this archetype, you must continue to develop the characterists of all of your preceding archetypes including the A0 - The Holy Child. You will find yourself expressing some of the light-side characteristics of all LPAs, even those you didn't pass through to get here.

  • • Androgynous, you, the master, have encompassed both male and female fully
  • • You have deveoped a vast love of all that is
  • • That love has become intrinsic to you. You *are* love.
  • • You clearly perceive your self and all that is as one
  • • You are deeply aware of "the music"
  • • You recognize all of life as part of that music, of the dance
  • • You easily find the answers to the questions you pose
  • • You have reached the full development of your meta- abilities
  • • And your full potential in your life path
  • • You know why you are here, and you are living that
  • • You work comfortably with energy, at any level
  • • You are fully in touch with the world mind
  • • And successful at whatever you attempt
  • • You no longer have a separate conscious and unconscious, having explored, uncovered and integrated all of yourself
  • • You are free of all falsehood and all human failings
  • • You no longer believe in conflict, fear, pain, or death
  • • Joy wells up in you, always
  • • You realize the infinite and your place within it
  • • You have a fully developed "big picture" awareness and still can focus clearly on the tinies of details
  • • You are, at last, whole

This is not the end, however. Ultimately, this stage is a bit like graduating from kindergarten. If you choose, there are whole other levels to explore.

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