Sexual Energy Paths and LPA

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Sex and sexual energy can be intimidating topics for many people. It can help to see it more as "life energy." It is a bright and beautiful upwelling of inner energies that move from the deepest parts of you up thru your body and provides the motive energies that make your existence possible.

Health and unhealthy patterns

Sexual energy, when healthy, flows in a circle in the abdomen: back -> upward -> front -> downward -> back ... When that circle is strong and stable, it flows upward in the system.

When unhealthy, it takes one of four forms:

  • * the tight circle. When that sexual energy is weak, each time it "pokes its head up," an external force "slaps it back down." I speak euphemistically to describe the sense of it. the result is energy that spins in a tight, aggressive circle and never circulates upward. The result is an fearful, uptight, frustrated, impatient person.
  • * the spurt. When that sexual energy is focused outward, it goes thru its circle only a small number of times and all of it moves up thru the system in a sudden rush. Nothing is left circling; all of the energy is spent. The result is a short burst of sexual energy followed by lethargy. People who function this way tend to see sex as a hunt. They generally lose interest as soon as the energy releases.
  • * the lack. When the sexual energy is either repressed for long enough of simply not allowed to develop, insufficient amounts enter the abdomen and the spin is never allowed to get strong enough to move upward thru the system. The result is a complete lack of sexual interest, often combined with an overall low energy level.
  • * misdirected. When the joy center malfunctions, the energies "leak" out into the lower abdomen and create fear. When these fearful energies move upward into the sexual center, the result is a twisted, fear-and-anger-based sexuality that is controlling, petty, cruel, and often violent.



It appears to flow, in women, in one of three ways:

  • * It circulates up the center of the body and spreads out in the heart and chest area. These women tend to be gentler, kinder, more patient, more loving, more expressive... in short more motherly. The tend to be less intense, less passionate, less focused. They enjoy watching over others, helping, taking care of, guiding, listening and so on. Physically, these women are a bit softer, rounder, and have larger breasts. They are often described as "voluptuous." These are A3fs.
  • * It circulates more up the back and into the area of the throat and jaw. These women have an inner strength and great determination. Their focus tends to be inward, with a strong reliance on self. They are generally intense, focused, passionate, dedicated to a cause, and tough to sway from their attitudes. They are usually highly aware of the world, but more as it affects them than as an external thing. Physically, they tend toward tall, thin, graceful, elegant. They are often described as "elegant." These are the A2fs.
  • * It circulates up both sides of the back and down the arms to the hands. These women tend to be more focused on the world, on doing and exploring. They are playful, fun, curious. They can be intense and quiet or rowdy and ebullient in turn. They are also highly aware of the world, but their awareness of it is directed outward, toward the things themselves. They tend to be physically smaller, energetic and more puppy-ish in their daily lives. They are often described as "cute." These are the A1fs.

For all three, if they reach a place of maturity and comfort in their sexuality, these same characteristics are expressed in their attitudes toward sex.



It appears to flow, in men, in one of three ways:

  • * It circulates up the center of the body and into the shoulders. These men are generally strong, competent, supporting to others, patient, kind, gentle and good listeners. They tend to be jovial and fun loving and enjoy physical pleasures. Physically, they are usually broad shouldered, more hairy, and a bit softer of form. They are more focused on caring for others than on the intense action that creates the athletes' form. (( endomorph )) These are the A3ms.
  • * It circulates up the center of the back to the eyes, ears, and nose. These men are extremely inner foucsed, intense, self aware, logical, and patient. They are idea and structure oriented. They seek patterns, ideas, information, and categories. Physically, they tend to be tall, thin, more frail and more thought than body focused. (( ectomorph )). They are the A2ms.
  • * It circulates up both sides of the back and down the arms, tho more to the arms themselves and less to the hands. These men are intense, focused, curious doers and explorers. The sense of touch and first hand experience are important to them. While intense, they are whimsical, less consistent and more changeable. They require a higher excitement level. Physically they are smaller, wiry, less hairy, and highly energetic. (( mesomorph )) These are the A1ms

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