Sensers feel things

It's easy to understand with the mind but tough to understand when going through it ... Sensers feel things.

When you're seeing the beauty, when you're feeling the wonderful things, you're happy, because you feel more than normal people, because you sense so much more, because life is richer, with greater colour and more passionate tastes. And you laugh and you play and you enjoy it. And you say, I want to be a better Senser and feel more!

The thing is, when you feel more ... you feel more. When you feel more, the range in which you feel increases, and the depth and intensity with which you feel also increase. Your perceptions get stronger. Once you're just barely past baby Senser, you're feeling what the neighbours are feeling, it's tough to go in some public places. And yet some of you say, I want to feel more, it's so amazing. And when it happens, and you get a little better, then you feel more. That includes more of the messy things. Eventually, you learn to handle it.

It's not like you'll find pocket of immense joy out there. You'll find a lot of apathy, a lot of boredom, and places of great pain. There is no choice in that. When your senses get bigger, you feel what's there, and that's what's there. When this happens, you feel. This is the cost and the payment of being a Senser, to feel more than others. This is not negotiable. Whatever you are feeling now, you will eventually grow to a place where this is easy, where it's background noise.

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