Basic maintenance for Sensers

Some basic lessons for Sensers. You will get to a place where you're tired, where you're frustrated, where you're overwhelmed, and you're going to think you're doing something wrong.

Sensers feel things. The better Senser you become, the more you feel. If you are working to clear out your guts and bring your heart online and so on, what you are going to find is that you separate yourself from most people in the world because they are not yet. The more you refine your system, the more normal people feel wrong to you and the little things bother you. The more you are used to healthy energies, the more unhealthy energies stand out.

What you eat and the exercise you do affect you. Candy and sugar is going to make you feel sluggish and blech the next day. If you let your blood sugar peak and crash, it affects you more than it used to, because you are using more resources. You go three days without exercising, you start to feel increasingly droopy. The same for red meet, high fat food, alcohol, pot - everything will start to feel heavy and dense. You forget that, because it didn't matter when you are a young Senser, but the more refined your system gets and the better Senser you become, the more these things affect you. A Senser has to have a pure energy system, and it requires the basic maintenance things.

Sensers feel things. The more refined your senses, the more messy things are going to hurt you. If you walk around people, you are going to pick things up and get overwhelmed. If you sleep next to people, you're going to feel crappy.

Sensers have a field within which they sense very clearly. For most mundanes, you have to touch them before they sense anything, but the better you get as a Senser, the larger your field extends. You're feeling your neighbours, your relatives, your colleagues. With awareness, you can notice, ground it and it'll be gone, and you'll be fine.

Sensers say, I want to be happy, I want to feel the good stuff, and as soon as a "bad" feeling comes up, they refuse to feel it because they insist that they're a good person who woudn't feel that. As a Senser, you never don't feel. You process, you learn from, you take what you need from it and you let it go. By refusing to pay attention, you're actually making it hit you harder.

No alarm goes off if you ignore or mess up any of these things. Just the next day, your muscles ache, and you feel like you're wasting your life and you hate everything and you feel blah. It has nothing to do with what's going on in your life at the moment, and everything to do with that you haven't been doing your maintenance. Your system is refined, and slight imperfections will make it stop working.

Angel, 2015-09-24

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