The development of Sensing

No matter who you are, there is more to learn about Sensing, and if you are not aware of the development path, you're going to run into trouble.

The sensing skill chart increases in increments: you get to a place where you're stable, and then your senses jump and you're overwhelmed for a time, till you get used to it and get bored, and then they jump again. This goes on all your life, you're always going to get more sensitive.

This is more about the levels that you leap between.

1. The first thing beginning Sensers do is to experience the world around them, looking and seeing colours and patterns, touching textures, the physical things. Beyond that is the development of the meta- stuff, and initially is mostly about imagination. The meta-senses use exactly the same channels as imagination. When you're starting out as a Senser, you're going to start out imagining. Your big problem at that stage is going to be dismissing what you imagine. If you take it all serious and have to understand everything you're sensing, you're going to screw it all up and never get anywhere. But if you can play with it and imagine, a space inside opens up where you don't know this thing, and the subconscious deeper parts of you can begin to slide the answers in. By imagining you're creating a sacred space where your gifts can begin to provide information to you. This lasts only a very short time.

2. As soon as you pick up somebody else's stuff, you begin to realise it is no different than your own stuff. If you are sensing someone with a headache, you're going to feel like you have a headache. This is going to take some time to adjust to and get stable in, and how much time it takes depends on the training you get and the quality of your training. This is where a lot of people currently are, they've accepted that they aren't just making things up and that they really can tell what's going on. Distance doesn't seem to matter at all. You learn to stay grounded in a chaotic room, you learn to step out when someone's too angry.

3. As soon as your senses get good enough, you can tune into anybody anywhere. All someone has to do is focus on you, and you pick up their stuff. In this process, there's a tendency to say "No, I'm angry, leave me alone!" but you're not, you're picking it up from someone who's focused on you. You can't really isolate from other people's energies and feelings, because there are residual bits of emotions and energies everywhere. From there, it matters what you do with the emotions you get. It doesn't matter anymore who you are picking it up from, because it could be anybody. You start watching your emotions all the time, and paying attention to when they shift. When there's a sudden shift in emotion, that shift say something's come to you, and you learn to respond to that in intelligent ways. Whether you handle this or go crazy or turn into a neurotic wreck, really depends on the tools at your disposal and your willingness to use them.

4. At this point, you're starting to notice when the next door neighbours are starting to watch a scary movie or when a drunk person walks by your house. You have a radius around you, your Senser field, and anything within that field, you feel. You're going to start feeling trends within the people in your radius, when a hundred people in your field suddenly start feeling the same thing. You'll start feeling it, but you can't track it down to someone around you or thinking of you. You start to think about feelings more as abstracts, and need to begin to track your emotional state carefully. You cannot be prepared for everything. To really begin to track the flows of ambient energy around you can take decades, and your radius can in this time expand to encompass the whole planet. You begin to notice patterns.

5. There's one more, but it falls outside the range of this recording.

Angel, 2015-03-27

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