Primitive origins of the Star Clan

The previous recording talked about the three primitives underlying sensers, shapers and sources. The fourth primitive, the desire to evolve, is not one that is of this world and is the domain of the star clan. It's part of the underlying essence of everything, from the beginning to the end, and it's causing this shift in the world right now.

In unlocking the shadow of the other three and bringing them to a healthy place, the drive to evolve and become something more, can be brought back into this world. The shadow of the senser, shaper and source clan has actually opposed the evolution on this planet.

Angel, 2015-03-05

Primitive origins of the Clans

This is not a formal, well-structured, organised talk meant for presentation to a large audience. It was recorded roughly, to communicate some important insights, and may be worked out better at a later time. However, it's complex and fundamental enough to humanity and to meta's, that we made it available now.

Sensers, shapers and sources are the three most common clans in the Meta-Intuitive Arts, and they all respond very differently. Different ways of showing dominance, of communicating, etc. What exactly makes somebody a senser, shaper or source can be difficult to tell, because people do not always act consistently.

This recording covers:

  • 1. Sensers, shapers and sources - what they act as and how they respond, and the carrier signal;
  • 2. How societal and mental things, things humans do in society, have their genesis in primitives - in things ancient and forgotten;
  • 3. How those of the light avoid deception, confrontation and hoarding.

Three topics, with each three sub-headings, and all connected to senser, shaper and source, weaves together in a beautifully complex fracal that explains much of the origins of the clans, why they act the way they do, and what the fundamental underlying signal is for each of them.

Angel, 2015-03-05


Sources are tree people.

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