Language of the intuitive mind

The intuitive mind, that deeper part of you, isn't a primitive animal consciousness. It is wise and perceptive, and it is far better at processing than your thinking mind. If you find a way to communicate with it, it can guide you, and help you solve complex problems. Often, this happens in dreams.

That communication is often clumsy, because the thinky mind and the intuitive mind speak different languages - but the intuitive mind does have a language. It has to. The language of the intuitive mind works in pictures. The Castle Metaphor can help to create a language between your thinking and intuitive mind, and it is effective, but to your intuitive mind, it is a second language. It can learn to speak it, but it won't be able to convey it with as much subtlety as it could in its native language.

You can also learn to speak it's language. By looking at your dreams, the type of images that come up again and again, and by doing deep alpha work, you can fairly quickly begin to learn the way your intuitive mind communicates. This gives you access to a fast wealth of processing and insight, and a part that is far wiser and older than the rest of you.

Angel, 2014-12-26

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