The wise simple mind

The mind-brain dichotamy is still a problem in modern psychology - while we can understand the brain, it is very difficult to understand the mind, how we think, where we go when the body is in a coma.

The reason people have trouble understanding the mind, is that it doesn't live in the head, it lives in the belly. You have an entire emotional body, and an entire mental body, and these bodies overlap with the physical body. The centre of these bodies is in the guts. You have more than one mind - let's call them the first mind, the second mind and the third mind to keep it simple. Everything you do comes from the first mind, the simple mind.

The first mind has both a thinky part, and a deeper part. The thinky part is just a data processor, just a logic structure. This one thinks it's in charge all the time. It's like a steering wheel in a car - one that says it's all about me, I'm making the car stop, I'm making the wheels turn. The deeper part is wise. It's by beginning to integrate this deeper part, that things in your life will start going a lot easier.

Angel, 2014-12-24

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