Fractals of the Meta-Circ System

This talk is probably not very useful for those without a couple of years training in the Meta-Intuitive Arts.

The shape of things is far bigger and more complex, and far smaller and simpler, than you realise.

Most people are only aware of some of the First Mind. They don't know about the primal animal parts, the sources of anger, the buried copies of mom and dad inside. This recording explains how the workings of the different components of the First Mind (root, guts, and the thinky mind)relate to the different components of the First Meta-Mind (First, Second and Third Mind) and so on. There is a fascinating recurring pattern here that may help those who are beginning to touch the higher levels make sense of the system.

Angel, 2014-11-01

Language of the intuitive mind

The intuitive mind, that deeper part of you, isn't a primitive animal consciousness. It is wise and perceptive, and it is far better at processing than your thinking mind. If you find a way to communicate with it, it can guide you, and help you solve complex problems. Often, this happens in dreams.

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The wise simple mind

The mind-brain dichotamy is still a problem in modern psychology - while we can understand the brain, it is very difficult to understand the mind, how we think, where we go when the body is in a coma.

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Life Path Archetypes

Meta-Intuitive Clans

Circle of Truths

Meta-Circ System

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