The Meta-Circ System

In doing the workings to tie together the damaged pieces of the human subconscious mind, Angel brought back some insights on the workings of the inner meta-circ system and the energy body system.

There are seven primary energy centers. There are also secondary energy centers. These centers are a lot like your physical body organs, your liver and kidneys and such, and have a similar function in your body. You need them to function day to day.

You can go into your energy body, unlike your physical body, and you can change things. This is really useful, since over human evolutionary history, the energy system has developed wrong - there are damaged places, that will auto-correct over the next thousand years or so, but you may not want to wait for that. Changing your meta-circ system so that it runs well, gets you better health, greater happiness, more physical beauty and stamina, and many other benefits.

Angel goes over the meta-circ system from the bottom up and explains about:

  • - the root pump
  • - the power filtering nodes
  • - the joy center
  • - the guts processing center
  • - the guts output nodes
  • - the passion center
  • - the "thinky mind"
  • - the heart

He also explains how the male and female energy runs through these parts of your meta-circ system, and how it explains some of the fundamental differences in attitude between sensers and shapers.

Angel, 2015-03-11

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Meta-Circ System

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