Q: I already read everything! Where do I find even more?

Wow, ok, thanks!. We're glad you like it! Consider giving us a donation (link at the bottom of every page), we're providing all this info for free and we really like coffee!

If you've been going through our site and are still looking for more, you can check out:

  • Our friends at Everyday Meta, if you want to take the Meta-Intuitive Arts and apply it to your everyday life without specifically working with your gifts or following any personal path. Just to make your days easier and more fun. It's a very practical site, full of how-to's and try-this-at-home. It's also got a blog.
  • Our friends at New Golden Age, if you want to know what's been going on in the world, what the deal is with the Shift in energies that's been going on for the past few years, and where it's getting us as a planet, and as a species. It also talks at length about the Angel and his workings in (and beyond) this world.

If you are a parent and want parenting information based on the Meta-Intuitive Arts, you can have a look at The Meta Parent. They've got all the latest on how to raise your intuitive child, how you be a healthy and happy parent, and how to easily avoid the mistakes your own parents may have made.

... still not enough? Ok ok. Act Always In Love is a sweet little project, continued from an earlier project started in 2007, that provides smiles, warmth and simple little steps to opening your heart and starting to love your life.

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