Clan Truth 1: The Real (air)

This world isn't real, but it's only a step away. You exist outside this dream and just explore within it.

This world ... it's just a dream and you know it. You feel it. This isn't real, but you can touch the real and express it here. You bring that higher world into this illusion. You are the ultimate artist, painting with color from the deal on this dream canvas. Singing true notes into this illusory song.

You are the channel of the divine, the real, the ultimate ... into the mundane. You bring the higher light into this dense realm ... and you express the greatest truths and the deepest beauty in the process.


What's REAL is beyond this world. Reach for it.


  • Know life is a dream
  • Sense the real clearly
  • Reach up and touch it
  • Boldly explore it
  • Dance within it
  • Bring it down to the children
  • Strong / clear
  • Alive / passionate
  • Deep / real
  • More than human
  • Powerfully spiritual
  • Creative / artistic
  • Beautiful
  • Aware
  • Warm


  • Aloof
  • Cold / distant
  • Afraid
  • Cruel
  • Binding others with rules
  • Only knowing this world
  • Believing it real
  • Timid / insecure
  • Weak
  • Clueless
  • Rigid
  • Destructive
  • Sharing darkness, fear, doubt, guilt & shame

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