A3f - The Earth Mother

The earth mother is the ultimate mother and loving teacher. Without trying, she can step into a healthy and beautiful maternal energy which brings people to tears. Her hugs are intensely comforting and her compassion is unyielding. She finds great joy in helping, teaching, and providing for the youngest among us. As a Track 3, all her attention is directed to guiding and guarding those who need it.

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the A3F archetype.

General Description

  • Level: A, discovering who you are in this lifetime
  • Track: 3, guiding and guarding others
  • Ideal Partner: her ideal partner is the A3M
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, she moves to B3F
  • Example: Gaia, the earth mother
  • Awww, a baby!


Think of Gaia, the Earth mother or the most amazing idea you can find of what an ideal mother would be.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list and to be comfortable with all of the items in A3M. As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A0 - The Holy Childmust continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

  • • Female
  • • The ultimate mother archetype. (90% or more of the “gut muck” ELFpath students deal with comes from “mom stuff” so there is usually anger or frustration about a mother image. This is not your mom. She is the most perfect, ideal, amazing mother one could possibly have.)
  • • Patient, Gentle, Strong, Supportive
  • • Unconditional love and encouragement
  • • Understanding
  • • Very aware, awake
  • • Good listener
  • • Great imagination. She seeds the dreams that others spend their life pursuing
  • • Teaches and generates healthy desires
  • • Helps everyone to grow
  • • Feeds, nurtures, prunes, shapes
  • • Creates and nurtures connections within and between
  • • Source of abundance, a great provider
  • • Has much love and respect for self and others and teaches these
  • • Sees the potential in everyone
  • • Hugely creative
  • • Gives of self to help others
  • • Heals others and helps them to heal themselves
  • • Deep sense of integrity
  • • Very fertile, generates ideas, wealth, art, dreams, and more
  • • Constantly reevaluates and renews herself and teach others to do the same
  • • Brings new life, renewal in physical, emotional, and mental domains
  • • Wonderful cook, gardener, lover… anything that involves getting involved to create and nurture
  • • Passionate
  • • Expansive
  • • Sensualist, loves physical, emotional, and mental pleasure
  • • Shares these with others
  • • Continual search for new possibilities and opportunities
  • • Confident and powerful
  • • Voluptuous in attitude and emotion (often also physically)
  • • Laughs freely, loves freely
  • • Respects and protects those smaller
  • • Honors those who are (in integrity) bigger
  • • Empathic
  • • Stops abuse/pain and helps
  • • Understands flow and cycles
  • • Comfortably sexual, she loves sex and uses it to give, to heal and to teach


Think of the evil step-mother, the destroyer of dreams, the wicked witch.

• The shadow side of this archetype can show any or all of the characteristics in the following list and all of those from still out-of-balance A0 - The Holy Child.

  • • Female
  • • Impatient, judgmental,
  • • Rude, abusive, critical, cruel
  • • Narrow minded, the dream destroyer
  • • Jealous, small-minded, petty desires
  • • Only her wants matter
  • • Tries to make everyone smaller than her
  • • Cuts, poisons, burns
  • • Breaks, separates, polarizes
  • • Poor, penurious in spirit, life and passion if not in wealth
  • • Steals from everyone, takes for self
  • • Brags about stealing and taking advantage of others
  • • Derides others as idiots, as deserving when she does manage to steal from them
  • • Spreads bitterness
  • • Judges everyone darkly
  • • Despises herself more than anyone, but won’t admit it to anyone
  • • Points that despite at everyone else
  • • Usually cruelest to those closest to her or those dependent on her
  • • Speaks of herself as superior to all others
  • • Takes from everyone for herself
  • • Spreads poisonous lies
  • • Sterile, cannot generate dreams or hopes or healthy desires
  • • Stuck in her hate/judgment/poison and spreads these to all
  • • Injects her poison and generates ill-health/death in things physical, emotional, and mental
  • • Usually a terrible cook, gardener, lover, etc
  • • Fears experience, afraid of pleasure. Tries to stop them in others as well
  • • Tries to shut down all that’s new/fun/alive/passionate. She will likely have “parties” and group experiences, but will spread bitterness to all who are there
  • • Either physically small or will someone seem small, mousy, timid
  • • Will lash out when afraid
  • • Almost always pudgy (a bit fat) to quite fat, soft, rarely exercises
  • • Only laughs out of cruelty. Has no understanding of joy or pleasure
  • • Fears/hates those who are larger
  • • Abuses/despises those smaller
  • • Emotionally shut down, not empathic, insensitive
  • • Ignores abuses in the world
  • • Criticizes often, complains often
  • • Always sees the worst in an experience and complains of it
  • • Tries to stop flow of energy, cycles, or forces them out of her own fears. No understanding.
  • • Hates her body and despises her monthly cycle. Likely to have issues with especially strong PMS, cramps, etc.
  • • Despises sex. Uses it only to hurt/control
  • • Greedy, small minded and small heart
  • • Often a fascination with anal sex
  • • Always “poor me”
  • • Desperately wants to be punished/abused
  • • Turns that want outward and punishes and abuses everyone else
  • • She’s happiest with a partner that constant criticizes and insults her. She will hate her partner and constantly complain about the abuse to her “friends” but will keep provoking her partner to get more abuse.

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