A2m - The Professor

The professor is the ultimate sacred teacher. He understands the world by studying as much as possible, scanning all he finds, and combining it in new and wonderful ways that are relevant today. He shares what he finds with great skill and passion, in an effort to help as many as possible. As a Track 2, he cares more about the inner world of ideas and how those ideas *feel* to him than about going out and exploring the outer world.

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the A2m archetype.

General Description

  • Level: A, discovering who you are in this lifetime
  • Track: 2, exploring the inner world
  • Ideal Partner: his ideal partner is the A2f - The Dancer
  • Leads to: when fully encompassed, he moves to the B2M
  • Example: Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King
  • Study it, put the pieces together, and let people know!


Think of Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, the great teacher who studies the wisdom of the past, updates it for today, and shares it with others.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list and to be comfortable with all of the items in A2f - The Dancer. As you develop these items, all of the characteristics of the A0 - The Holy Childmust continue to grow stronger to provide a solid base for these.

  • • Male
  • • The sacred teacher, good cop, honest judge, tribal shaman, …
  • • Studies traditions and rules
  • • Judges them to decide which still have value
  • • Retunes them for the current situation
  • • Lives by these and teaches them to others
  • • Uses his knowledge, studies, and experience to unlock doors for self and others
  • • Knows that even if he is a dwarf in his experience or knowledge, he can see far by “standing on the shoulders of giants.”
  • • Skilled communicator and story-teller
  • • Explains the complex simply
  • • Can teach/guide those of any age
  • • Charismatic
  • • Strong-willed, he can not easily be driven from the truth he has found
  • • Adamant (religious fervor) about rules and traditions that “matter” in his view
  • • Unconcerned about society’s rules if they don’t “matter” (ref Jesus’s lecture on “the greatest commandment.”
  • • Sense of power/will/value come from his spiritual commitment
  • • Seeks to find the spirit in all things. Celebrates that spirit
  • • Discovers an underlying “oneness.”
  • • Seeks to shape his life to that spirit. Doesn’t separate physical life from the spirit
  • • Focused, disciplined
  • • A good leader though leaning more to spiritual than to political
  • • Balanced within
  • • Seeks and sees deep structures
  • • Shares his views, his “truths” but encourages others to find their own truths
  • • Applies his truth to every part of his life without compromise and encourages others to do the same
  • • Likes neatness, order but easily handles contradictions and chaos
  • • Calm, stable
  • • Gift for rhetoric, poetry, grace in words

Dropping Keys

The small man

Builds cages for everyone



While the sage,

Who has to duck his head

When the moon is low,

Keeps dropping keys all night long

For the




- Hafiz


Think of the corrupt politician, the crooked cop, the abusive spouse, the pimp, most lawyers, those who were part of the inquisition…

he shadow side of this archetype can show any or all of the characteristics in the following list and all of those from still out-of-balance A0 - The Holy Child.

  • • Male
  • • Rules obsessed, at least regarding others
  • • May obsessively study the rules of some area including law, history, war, or religion
  • • Picks whichever rules best serve himself
  • • Greatly enjoys “getting away with” breaking the rules, proving himself smarter than others.
  • • Makes up many rules for others to follow. Enjoys power over others.
  • • Oddly, he is not a sadist. He does not enjoy causing others pain, though he does it constantly. More he seeks to control, to dominate. Hurting and humiliating others makes them more submissive.
  • • Quick to criticize and punish and perceived failure.
  • • Likes constraining, crippling, and breaking people
  • • Can easily quote from his studies and uses it to manipulate/control others or to serve himself
  • • Prides himself on being better/smarter/… than others
  • • Will tend to use big words, fast talk, jargon, … to intimidate others.
  • • Weak-willed. Can be an addict
  • • Pretends to be completely in control and cannot admit weakness or failure in himself.
  • • Arbitrary, inconsistent, cruel
  • • Enjoys riddles, tricks, … setting traps for others
  • • Power over others is everything
  • • Denies spirituality and “oneness.” Seeks to enslave all to himself.
  • • Obsessively neat, fussy, but actually easily distracted, undisciplined
  • • May be very charismatic, charming. It’s a mask he wears, when he feels “safe” his real self comes out. Like the charming, well-dressed neighbor who tortures his spouse when no one is around.
  • • Preachy, rigid, fanatic
  • • Strong forces inside pull him in different directions, tearing him up inside. He attempts to control them by turning that control outward and making rules for everyone else. Feels deeply conflicted, though would never admit it.
  • • Can only see the surface of things, not the substance
  • • Is often bothered, even disgusted by things the world
  • • Can’t handle any contradiction
  • • Constant anxiety, though hidden behind a calm façade and a pretense of great competence.
  • • Sexually, only gets off by complete control. Incapable of love. Often a rapist
  • • Disturbed by all things female, he wants a Barbie doll. He insists any female lover dress well, wear make-up, shave everything, never expose him to the physical. Fears female genitals and prefers (rough) oral sex.

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