A0 - The Holy Child

Most people walk through life sound asleep, sitting in life's waiting room only dreaming that there's more out there. They are eggs. The holy child is the hatching of that egg, the first stirrings with the coming of the morning light. This child begins to sense that there is so much more to life and crawls out of bed to begin exploring. All paths to self-awareness go through the holy child stage. If this LPA is fully encompassed, everything that follows is easier and more fun. If any of the shadow side characteristics are left, they will surface again and again as you move forward.

 Below you can find the light- and shadow-side characteristics of the A0 archetype, and an explanation of why this LPA remains so very important throughout everyone's life.

General Description

  • Level: A, discovering who you are in this lifetime
  • Track: 0, the beginning
  • Leads to: When fully encompassed, leads to one of the A-level LPAs
  • Example: Holy Child
  • "There is no spoon!"

The Pyramid

You will notice that many of the things in this list take a lifetime to develop. That's because you continue to build the holy child for a lifetime. Some of these things you won't fully encompass till you reach "Master" level at the end of your LPA track.

Progress through any track of the LPAs results in "pyramid shape" learning. That is, you learn a little of the "holy child" and encompass it and then go on to begin an A-level track. Suppose, for example, you choose the A1M. In time, you will learn more of the A1m; imagine your progress as a small triangle, getting wider. When you begin on the B1M, it's another triangle. If you haven't grown enough in the A1m, It'll be like balancing a small triangle on top of the point of another triangle. It'll keep falling off. You will keep falling into chaos on your path. In order to be a strong, stable B1m, your A1m will have to have grown wide enough to support it. When you make it to C1, the B1m will have to be wide enough to support the C1 and the A1m will have to keep growing to be wide enough to handle the B1m. You can see that the result is shaped like a pyramid.

This LPA, the A0, is the base of that pyramid. For as long as you keep growing, you will need to keep coming back to this LPA and growing and developing it. If the Holy Child part stops growing and your pyramid keeps getting bigger, you will end up with a large pyramid balanced on a small base (think of a small child's drawing of a Christmas tree).

The only way to be stable in your path is for you to keep returning to this LPA and reviewing it and increasing your knowledge of it.


Think of the kid levitating blocks in The Matrix or the child with the glowing hands at the start of Jackie Chan’s The Medallion.

To fully encompass the light side of this archetype, it's necessary to encompass all of the items in this list. As you progress through the LPAs towards mastery, this archetype will continue to be the foundation for everything you do. Even at the most mature levels, you will still be developing the holy child characteristics.

  • • Curious, open to all that life brings, loves exploring new things
  • • OK with not being good at things, the holy child knows it's a beginner (the "beginner's mind")
  • • Happily acknowledges beginner status, perfectly ok with being a novice, with not knowing.
  • • Happily takes risks
  • • Seeks out new information and experiences and pursues them without fear or anxiety
  • • Very active, always taking action, trying new things, exploring everything
  • • Expects to find “magic” in everything
  • • Strong sense of wonder
  • • Always looks deeper, seeking a “hidden prize” in everything
  • • Innocent, fearless, trusting
  • • Dreamer, amazing imagination
  • • Highly intuitive, senses everything going on
  • • Earnest, intense, honest
  • • Deeply cares about others and tries to be helpful
  • • Just does it
  • • Encourages each to find own path
  • • Simply and deeply wise with childish innocence
  • • Happily faces challenges, joys, pains, fears, … whatever comes
  • • Carries no baggage, only core dreams and the beginning of the root core tone archetype
  • • Likes adults and other children
  • • Likes animals
  • • Much love to give
  • • Recalls wisdom from other lives
  • • Finds truth, clarity, guidance in any spiritual path and in the most mundane things
  • • Has no separation between things physical and things spiritual
  • • Trusts life, has no need to know the future
  • • Has a link to the number 22. Watch for this number occurring in your life.
  • • Genderless. At this early stage, gender is not yet important.
  • • Works best with the basics, simple things
  • • In power, is a channel for unbounded universal love
  • • Finds the divine within, with simple, child-like integrity
  • • Fascinated by all of life
  • • Finds everything interesting and worth exploring
  • • Doesn't separates things of emotion, mind, physical world, and spirit
  • • Responds to reason with child-like curiousity
  • • Responds to emotion with an open, joyful, curious attitude
  • • Responds to spirituality with love and awareness
  • • Happily explores boy and girl roles without judgement
  • • Makes a firm choice to walk the light-side path
  • • Heart wide open. All choices come from heart
  • • Grows and learns by helping others


Think of Damien in The Omen, Isaac in Children of the Corn, maybe the girl in The Exorcist, the doll, Chucky, the evil Alice in the video game...

  • • Very frightened, or even angry at new things
  • • Tense, angry at things it's not good at
  • • Very judgmental
  • • Hyper-critical
  • • Arrogant, haughty, supercilious
  • • Curt, dismissive
  • • Cruel, sadistic
  • • Bully, thug, cruel child, out-of-power fool
  • • Childishly brutal, lashes out at everything including self, smashes things
  • • Manipulative, uses it to hurt
  • • Constant fear/anger/bitterness/… in response to everything
  • • Every "control drama" and "controlling emotion set" can come up
  • • Feels completely out of control, panicked
  • • Refuses to act, even in simple tasks or acts hastily and childishly
  • • Stubborn, narrow-minded, won’t/can’t listen
  • • Bullies physically, emotionally, and/or intellectually (using words and ideas to intimidate)
  • • Feels good about despising others (self-righteous)
  • • Insists that it is smart, advanced, "grown up"
  • • Competitive, the dark child wants to be smarter and better than whoever is around
  • • Insists it knows everything
  • • Claims itself as very intelligent
  • • Criticizes all others as being less so
  • • Refuses anything simple... any introductory things
  • • Feels “above that” and won’t even listen
  • • Delights in hurting others, torture, inspiring fear and pain, and in crushing dreams
  • • Feels constant fear/anxiety and discourages all actions in others that trigger that fear
  • • Very controlling
  • • Will often pretend to be friendly or supportive, while back-biting and back-stabbing
  • • Details obsessed. Loves to plan with lots of details
  • • No follow-through, no action, cannot commit
  • • Refuses to face anything painful, including fear, drama, challenges, even simple difficulties
  • • Will often create strong emotion (poor me or intimidator) rather than face anything hard
  • • Refuses to face/allow joy. Will claim no knowledge of joy. Will generate lots of emotional poison rather than allow joy
  • • Carries lots of “baggage”
  • • Takes only pain, fear, hatred, bitterness, etc from past lives, never joy or wisdom
  • • Hates/despises self, adults, children, animals
  • • Only acknowledges its own path as valid. Disparages all others
  • • Requires everyone to follow that path
  • • That path is not stable; the dark child is capricious and inconsistent
  • • Insists everything has to “make sense” but refuses to listen to reason, to feel, or to scan
  • • Can’t/won’t listen
  • • Can’t/won’t admit fault, that anything is wrong
  • • Can’t/won’t look honestly at self and own shortcomings
  • • Aggressively separates things of emotion, mind, physical world, and spirit, disparaging one or more of these categories
  • • Responds to reason with childish emotional intimidation
  • • Responds to emotion with intellectual criticisms
  • • Responds to spirituality either by denying it all or denying any truth but its own.
  • • Often excessively focused on being one gender
  • • Hatred, anger toward opposing gender
  • • Channels anything of the dark side: bitterness, hate, fear, cruelty, abuse, constraint
  • • Builds cages for everyone it meets
  • • Often lacks energy
  • • Steals energy (energy rape) whenever possible
  • • Bored, frustrated, angry at everything and everyone
  • • Stuck in the old, refuses anything new
  • • Cannot see own foolishness, failures, shortcomings
  • • Obsessed with death, killing, pain
  • • Tries to solve all problems by smashing, killing, destruction
  • • Makes firm commitment to dark side path
  • • Heart totally shut down
  • • Only cares about helping self
  • • Gives only blame and nothing else
  • • Happily takes anything (except responsibility)

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